Natalie LeonWhen I began training with Natalie, I was just looking for a new way to work out and increase my flexibility. She and I worked together from part of my junior year until I graduated high school, and now as a junior in college I still am so thankful for her in my life. She instinctively recognized the body issues that I had struggled with all my life, and came to me in friendship and love. She taught me that my body is beautiful, not just because of the outside, but because of the person that is within. I learned to love the way my individual body was made, and not only that, but to appreciate my mind, my opinion, and the love and kindness I can show to others.

Natalie is full of love, kindness and wisdom and is a blessing to anyone who comes in contact with her. She leads through example without putting pressure or making demands. She slowly helped me brush away my insecurities and doubts about myself and helped me become the woman I am today. I consider her one of my closest friends and love her dearly. I still come home from college and talk to her, and she still helps me. I recently decided to go into a career in social work, and a huge part of the reason I made this decision is because of Natalie. I hope to work with girls with body image issues and eating disorders. If I can help one person the way she has helped me, and one person can feel about me the way I feel for her, then I would consider my life a success. -K.F. (Alabama)

Natalie was a co-owner of the eating disorder center in Hawaii that I was enrolled in for anorexia, exercise addiction, and a night eating disorder. During my treatment my anorexia morphed into bulimia.

When I met her I immediately liked her happy, bubbly personality, but was also irritated by her since she was skinny. I talked to her about my resentment with her being skinny, and she was very receptive and not at all defensive. That’s when I knew that I
really liked her. I found that I could talk to her about anything and
there was no judgement. Natalie never took offense to anything I said;
my time with her was all about me and my recovery. She taught me how I
use food to cope with my emotions, and helped me correlate how I was
feeling based on the foods I was eating. As strange as it sounds I
honestly never knew how I felt.

Natalie also taught me how to exercise in a healthy way, and to not base my self-worth on how much or how hard I was exercising. Honestly, I can go on and on about how much she taught me and helped me, but there is one thing that she said to me
that I always think about and always will. She told me that my eating
disorder was a gift since it was my barometer to tell me that my life
is out of balance. It’s much more tolerable to think of having an
eating disorder in this way. Natalie is an amazing, loving, strong,
and compassionate woman. She played a huge role in my recovery, and I
don’t know what I would have done without her. Thank you Natalie!
~L.E (Hawaii)

Whether your interests are improving your physical body or learning the philosophy and spirituality of yoga, Natalie’s knowledge in the ancient tradition of yoga shows in all her teachings through her loving, compassionate guidance.

I hold Natalie in the highest regard, as I strongly know with all my being that she is true to her work and beliefs.  She teaches from a place that a soul can only come by naturally and through her own personal life experiences.  Her dedication to her path is distinct, as she is constantly bringing up new and innovative ways to share her knowledge.  Anyone who has been blessed by Natalie’s instruction, bring yogic harmony to all they encounter.  Yet she remains humble, sincere with the utmost integrity; she is the embodiment of Flow.

I have been blessed to have her for private instruction as well as attend her public classes. It’s amazing how she can help each member of the class feel like they’re the only one there, as if you were in your own private session working on your specific needs.

Natalie is such an inspiration that I am actually considering studying to become a yoga instructor, so I too can be of service.  I will be forever grateful for the impact that she has had and continues to have on my life….I am Good Enough!                                                  -M.Z. (Florida)

I first met Natalie when she was co-owner for an eating disorder clinic in Hawaii.  Even before I actually met her, she was spoken highly of, and she lived up to everything people thought of her.  Natalie would often come and sit in on our group therapy sessions.  She didn’t have to, but she did it to be a support to the ladies and you could tell she sincerely cared.  Upon meeting Natalie, I was instantly drawn to her.  She radiated a light and energy that I wanted for myself and I felt an instant connection with her that I had not felt with others in the group or program.  I quickly came to love and admire her and that was terrifying for me.  Allowing myself to be compelled by my fear rather than love, I constantly rejected and pushed her away.  I said and did hurtful things, and yet she never rejected me.  She stood with open arms to me, understanding where I was coming from and through that understanding and compassion refused to take offense.  The impact she has had on me has been lasting and great and she is an inspiration, a role model, and a friend.  She is strength and example and one who believes in and encourages me as I go through life.  I am humbled by her love and friendship and am grateful that I have been blessed to have her in my life.

Natalie I love you!  I want you to know I look up to you and want to be like you.  In my peace building/mediation seminar I did in school about a year ago we were asked to think of “people who have been major influences for good in my life and what they have meant to me” and “memories of people who have shown me kindness–especially when I didn’t deserve it.” You were on those lists and I thank you for it.  It is difficult for me to express what I feel in my heart, but I hope you can feel a portion of it.  Thanks for being a truly beautiful person! ~ A.V (Hawaii)

Natalie brings so much to my life and to the lives of my daughters ages 17 and 20. They consider their time spent with her to be priceless. She has taught them more than the principles of yoga, she has shared their joys and fears. Natalie has worked with me over the years to perfect my Pilates skills as I worked to become an instructor. She also comes to my home weekly and instructs a group of us in Yoga. It is more than just exercise; it is a gift to our hearts and minds. Through Natalie, we have learned tools that help us cope with life’s daily stresses. She is blessed with not just technical skill but wisdom beyond her years. We are blessed to have Natalie in our lives!

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