About Me

Natalie Leon, Wellness Coach and Coach to Fitness Professionals is the owner of Natalie Leon LLC, Loving Me Retreats and Loving Me Fitness. Natalie empowers people to OWN and LOVE all of who they are, right here and now, through a healthy and balanced mindset and lifestyle. As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor over the last 20+ years, she believes that mindful exercise, proper nutrition and a connection to self-worth allows people to live their life to full potential.

THE WHY: At a young age, Natalie embarked on a life challenge for self-worth that unbeknownst to her at the time, would years later become her gift to others. Her transition from New Orleans to Southern California threw her into turmoil as a young girl trying to understand herself in a new world of “you are what you look like.” As an actress at UCLA, Natalie became acquainted with the pressures of Hollywood.  She began raising awareness about body image by writing, directing and performing in plays. She worked closely with the Chancellor of UCLA, helping under-privilege high school students in Southern California and running a support group on her college campus for young girls.  Nonetheless, her own struggles continued for years, as the negative energy began to take over her life, all while debilitating health problems began to emerge.  It was in deepening her spirituality, Yoga practice, holistic medicines and incorporating her own practices that the shift towards the positive began. After college graduation she moved to Hawaii to co-create an eating disorder clinic.

In 2015, Natalie joined forces with the non-profit, Find Your Pride Foundation, to co-create Girl Power Station, a women’s’ boutique wellness center that offers fitness and wellness classes as well as workshops focusing on the entire being. She led an empowerment team of over 30 fitness professionals in spreading the “Girl Power” mission.

She specializes in all areas of group and private fitness including Yoga (E.R.Y.T), Pilates, PiYo, Pound, Cycle, Barre, Kickboxing, Dancers Workout, Zumba, Aerial, Aqua Aerobics, Strength Training formats, Thai Yoga Massage and more.

In 2020, Natalie is expanding her company to include Loving Me Retreats in luxurious accommodations on the beautiful beaches of the Florida Panhandle. Retreats are intricately designed for the novice looking to re-charge to the fitness professional ready to soar to the next level of their career.

Natalie truly “walks her talk” and intends to revolutionize the focus of the fitness industry into more of a FEELING of health and fitness and true, lasting wellness from the inside-out.

“Looking good is just a side-effect of FEELING good!” –Natalie